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Name: Shawn
Nickname: Buddha
Sex:     Male
Sexual Preference: Females 18-40
Marital Status: Single
Birthday: July 15th
Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas
Current Location: Dallas, Texas
I live in: Apartment
Height: 5'10"
Build: Athletic
Occupation: Area Licensing Manager for ASCAP
E-mail: (Best Way to Get Me)
ICQ: 118376148 (Never Use This)
AOL IM: wac5289 (Sometimes On)
Yahoo IM: seenwow (As Above)
Hotmail IM: seenwow (As Above)
Religion: I do not believe in organized religions. Never said I didn't think there was a god or I didn't have faith or that I worship some evil thing either. Hell, I am one of the nicer guys I know. So don't witness to me or try that conversion stuff. I just do not believe one way is the right way. I call it having an open mind. I don't care what you call it.
Politics: I vote for the best person. If I had to pick a party it would be Democratic.
Fav Foods:
Mexican Food - Mexican Food - And Mexican Food.
In fact, Mexican food and 7-11 Slurpees are the only "American" food I missed while traveling through Europe
Fav TV Shows:
Buffy - Sex and the City - MTV - Discovery Channel
You know this page is very lean on the info. I really do not know what you want to know. So you want more info? E-mail me at and ask me questions. Otherwise it stays bare bones for now.