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Sunday, April 29, 2001 -
It is kind of weird this website stuff. When I started this page I didn't really think people would look me up, watch the cam, and then comment on what I write or do online. Several people have sent e-mails and several close friends check up on me from time to time. So far the responses have been mixed. One person caught a few typos. Thank you. I need all of the help I can get. She thinks I am embarrassed. Hell, I am just happy it was not too bad. One person said I need to work on my issues with my friend Misti. HA! Well, thank you for the advice. I didn't think they were issues. Misti, do I have issues? Maybe they have more insight than I am giving them credit for. Do I have issues? One of my friends just stops by and looks to see if I am still doing the site. And yet another, a former coworker, tells me I should smile more on the cam ... In all this is a blast!

So what did I do this weekend?

Friday I went to eat with Misti as I mentioned below. It was nice to see her again, mend some old wounds, and get on with our friendship or whatever it is... Then after dinner Misti went home and I met friends out for drinks. Pretty standard stuff.

Saturday I was halfway to Granbury when I realized I had a flag football game at 3p. I turned around in Arlington, called my mom and explained the situation and went to the game. We won! We should have really kicked their ass, but we struggled for the second game this season. (First game we lost bad) Afterwards I stayed and played another game for a team that needed people. They sucked. We lost (28-6) and I now realize how good our team can be. After the game we always go to the Green Elephant and have a few beers as a team. Maybe it was the margaritas from the night before I was really worn out from the games yesterday. I only had a beer and then took off to clean up before we took Lindsay out.

At 7:30p I picked up Lindsay to take her out for her birthday party. We went to The Magic Time Machine in Addison as suggested by Dave or Lindsay or someone. I had never been there and it was a novel experience. The MTM is a theme restaurant with each table or section having it's own theme. The wait staff dress in costumes and tend to be very loud. They also like to cut you down, pick fights and in general cause embarrassment. I think it is more of a kids/family restaurant, but all 12 of us "old" people seemed to have good time.

Today I am making the journey to Granbury. I am going down on a Sunday because last week I missed my mom's birthday. Yes, I am a bad son. Well, I hope to take her a card, buy her some flowers for her garden and in general be the good son. Since the summer is coming I am sure I will spend all day getting the boat ready and working on whatever my mom ask. Didn't I mention I am part lawn boy... Well, my family tends to think of me that way. Seems like my trips to visit are 99% work and 1% visit. HA!

That is pretty much the journal for today. The day is early though. Who knows what will happen. I hope nothing that I need to update you about.... Well, nothing bad.

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Friday, April 27, 2001 -
I went to the doctor today for my yearly checkup. Again, I am a picture of good health. Other than that stupid fatty liver thing of course. Oh, you might want to know what the hell that is considering you do not know me.

March of last year I went in for a routine checkup and ended up having the scariest three months of my life.  At the time I acted all cool, but I was scared.  My blood work came back with some crazy stuff showing.  My billiribon was high, as were my proteins, and other enzymes. First guess for each Doctor.... I had Hepatitis... So off I go to this really great specialist. They run a thousand different test and in the end they even went in and did a biopsy. I DO NOT have Hepatitis! Thank god! I have a condition called fatty liver. My body stores fat on my liver and it pisses my liver off. Therefore it makes my liver mad and makes these slight traces of protein enzyme that looks very similar to having the Hep infection. So I put my liver on a diet and now things look cool. Well, we hope.

Other than that I have a date with Misti tonight. We will see how that one goes. We are eating Esparzas (Mexican) and drinking ritas. More to come.

Other than that I am working on the page daily. I soon hope to have a cool page on another site and a reworked site here. Well, have a good weekend. -Shawn

Wednesday, April 25, 2001 -
Today was a good day. I sent out resumes and made a few calls. I am searching for a job daily and I really have been pretty good about looking. I know I need to work on my cover letters (or lack of them) and get my resumes cleaned up. So far I have been using as my main source and they do the resumes for you. So we will see... I need a job.

Well, I started talking to an old friend named Misti. She has been slowly winning me over again. I have always thought she was nice and considering what I said (which I have no clue what was really said) Well, I owed her an apology as much as any I received. Does that sentence make sense? Oh well, this is my website and I can slaughter my grammar.... Not that it is good to do so. Get over it. HA! Other than Misti things are calm on my side of the world.

No new stories. Well, none I cam post online.

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