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Friday, June 8, 2001
Several things are on my mind these days: Business, web stuff and life.

In the business department, I finally went and got the  doing business as name filed,
the tax stuff sent out and I am slowly working toward finishing my plans. Hey, also
go look at my new partner in biz - the doteasy company. Cool company!

On the webpage stuff, I am about to revamp the way you read stuff and surf my site. I am
going to make the second page one big page of stuff, links, and etc... Basically make it easy
for you  to see a lot of shit before you have to go all over the place to see/read..

In the life department I am still single and that sucks. Any females looking for the
perfect male specimen e-mail me and say hello... If I am not the match... Well, I might
know someone somewhere that is your man.

Also, I am off to see Mom and Dad before I leave for my training in Atlanta next week. Since it
is fathers day next weekend and I am out of town... well, I thought I would be the good son
and say hello to the old man. God they do look older these days. I guess I am an adult now
and these little things happen... You know ... Parents get older, look older, etc...

I will see my little bro this weekend. First time in two months since I have seen him... WOW,
no actually it has been 4 months. God I bet he thinks I am a jerk. Well, we all have problems.
His can be with me and the fact that I am never around for him. I feel really guilty, but he
lives like 3 hours away and I am trying to live my own life here... Like that justifies my lack
of attention.

Speaking of attention I am seeing lots of visits these days. Thank you. But not very much
e-mail. I love to hear from everyone. Just drop me a note, say hi, send pics...

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Wednesday, June 6, 2001
I am official as of today. I signed the papers and now I am one of the few Area
Licensing Manager for  ASCAP ( the American Society of Composers, Authors and
Publishers). I am already looking at music and licensing different. I am the music nazi!

Other than the above and below... Life is slow going these days. I am suppose to call a
new friend I met on the internet, but I have been bad. Sorry Laurie! I just have not been
feeling like a long phone call. In other news, I might get a blind date set up for me through
some friends. I am not holding my breathe on this because people tend to talk and not follow

I am following through. By August I will have my Tax ID and have my new company started.
I am starting a parent company that will manager several smaller business units. Most of my
business will be in creative property and its management. Basically web design, advertising,
marketing, and etc... The second group is an e-commerce site for student/budget travel. There
are other ideas for other companies. As time come along I hope to work all of my ideas into
several companies, I hire the CEOs and I set back and help in all of them as needed. We will
see. Thank you to my friends (again) for the motivation.

One of my close girl friend types is not feeling well these days. She has been having very
bad stomach problems. We will find out next week what is up when she goes to get it checked.
I am worried... Guess I will wait and see...

I leave in 9 days for Atlanta! Yea!!!
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Sunday, June 3, 2001
You Might be asking yourself where the hell have I been, what's the deal with the
lack of info, no cam, new pics, and etc... Yea, I have been a bad man these last few
days. Opps! Well, the good news is that I have a new job. The bad news is that I will
not be online much of the month of June and July.

My new job/ title is Dallas Area Licensing Manager for  ASCAP ( the American
Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)  ASCAP is a membership association
of over 110,000 composers, songwriters, lyricists and music publishers. ASCAP's
function is to protect the rights of its members by licensing and paying royalties for
the public performances of their copyrighted works. My job is to go to the local bars,
restaurants and other places that use copyrighted materials and educate them on
their responsibilities under the law and have them sign contacts with ASCAP.

The reason I will not be posting and online much is because from now till the
end of June I will be training in Atlanta. I am in Nashville for the 1st of July and then
at my families place on the fourth. Then the next week I fly to New Orleans for a
week. I end that week (the 14/15th) celebrating my birthday. Then I will come home
and try to pull myself together. Ouch.

Just in case you missed the news, Florida was awesome. I was in rare form, met some
cute women and had fun in Pensacola. Thanks to my buddy Lindsay and her family for
letting us stay at their house. Also, thanks for taking me to the beaches and Flora-Bama.
Lindsay was sick most of the trip, but she managed to have fun in between her sick-
ness. Yuck.

Speaking of fun and sun... All I am doing today is working on the webpage. We played
our flag football game at 1p Sat. and then hit the pool. I didn't cook totally, but I am red.
No mas sol (no more sun)

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